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Your car trouble starting? Don’t get stuck! Integrity 1st Automotive is your go-to-shop for expert auto electrical repairs and maintenance. We fix everything electrical, from dead batteries to starter and alternator issues. Trust us to get your car running smoothly again – call Integrity 1st Automotive today!

Keep Your Car Going with top line car Electrical Services by Integrity 1st Automotive.

Our Complete Auto Electrical Services:

Our complete Auto Electrical Services include comprehensive car battery check-ups and replacements. We offer a thorough visual inspection, voltage and load testing, alternator checks, and expert analysis to assess your battery’s health. If needed, we’ll replace it with the right battery for your car and ensure proper installation and disposal of the old one.

Additionally, we offer charging system and starter system checks, along with preventative maintenance tips to maximize your battery’s lifespan and avoid future issues. For starter or alternator concerns, we likely offer diagnostics to pinpoint the problem and recommend repair or replacement, followed by testing to ensure functionality. Choose Integrity 1st and enjoy the benefits of expert technicians, advanced equipment, competitive prices, and a hassle-free experience. Here’s what you can expect:

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Joseph Morales
Joseph Morales
3rd time coming here and every time they make me feel very welcomed! C.J. and Nick are very knowledgeable and WILL HELP you!
Blake Bolgiano
Blake Bolgiano
Great service
sunil tiwari
sunil tiwari
Overall customer service was excellent I highly recommend integrity Auto for your car services. Really impressed with Nick’s services. Thank you
Sathish kumar Rajasekar
Sathish kumar Rajasekar
Nick and Uji done the service very quickly for state inspection
peeyush aggarwal
peeyush aggarwal
Nik and CJ are very nice guy and the services are too good. Must visit place for inspection.
Trish S
Trish S
Nick and his team were quick and easy! They made you feel at home and they were very informative.
Anoop Kuruvila
Anoop Kuruvila
Prompt service and help from CJ and Nick
Will Douglass
Will Douglass
CJ and Nick did a fantastic job servicing my vehicle and identifying any issues. They made the process seamless and my truck is running noticeably better. 10/10 will come here again.

When to Get Your Auto Electrical System Serviced?

Your car’s electrical system is the lifeblood of its performance. Just like any vital system, it requires attention to keep everything running smoothly. Here are some key signs that it’s time to schedule a visit to Integrity 1st Automotive:

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Starting Trouble:

If your car struggles to start, makes grinding or clicking noises, or simply doesn't respond when you turn the key, it's a clear indicator of a potential electrical issue.

Battery Age and Corrosion:

Car Batteries usually last 3-5 years, with recommended regular checks after 3 years. By years four or five, most batteries become unreliable and may need replacing. Additionally, corrosion buildup on battery terminals can hinder electricity flow, causing slow starts, dim lights, and other electrical issues.

Electrical System Issues:

A weak battery can cause dim lights. A rotten egg smell might mean a gas leak. If the battery looks swollen or warped, get it checked.

Warning Signs:

Illuminated battery warning light on your dashboard is a clear signal from your car's system that there's a problem with the battery. Don't ignore it!

Your Car Electrical Service - Frequency and Importance?

Prevent unexpected breakdowns with regular electrical maintenance for your vehicle! Similar to oil changes and tire rotations, your car’s electrical system needs attention. Battery checks are recommended every 1-2 years, while replacements happen around every 3-5 years. Regular charging system inspections are crucial, and components like alternators and starters might need testing or replacement every 5-7 years. Consult your car’s manual for specific intervals, and address issues promptly for a smooth, reliable ride. Here’s why prioritizing auto electrical maintenance is crucial:



Prevents electrical issues compromising airbags, brakes, or engine control.
Performance: Maintains optimal engine performance and fuel efficiency.


Extends car lifespan by reducing electrical stress on other components.

Long Term Cost Savings:

Early repairs prevent expensive breakdowns later.

Peace of Mind:

Ensures smooth operation and reduces the risk of inconvenient breakdowns.

Why Choose Integrity 1st Automotive For Your Vehicle Electrical Services?

Integrity 1st prioritizes your safety with meticulous electrical and starter inspections. Our expert team conducts thorough battery tests, starter checks, and wiring inspections, ensuring every aspect of your vehicle’s electrical system is functioning flawlessly. Trust us for reliable maintenance that keeps you moving with confidence. Here are compelling reasons to choose Integrity 1st Automotive for your vehicle care and maintenance needs:

Choose Integrity 1st Automotive – where quality meets peace of mind. 

Expert Diagnosis and Clear Communication:

At Integrity 1st, we're all about putting you first. Our customer-centric approach means clear explanations, honest advice, and transparent pricing.

Quality Parts for Reliable Repairs:

At Integrity 1st, we ensure lasting repairs with premium quality parts. From batteries to starter motors, we select components renowned for durability and reliability. Trust us for a smoothly operating electrical system.

Convenience and Time-Saving:

We offer a complete range of electrical maintenance services. This one-stop shop approach saves your time and hassle.

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Car Battery

Battery health, alternator function, electrical load (accessories), corrosion, extreme temperatures, water damage, and accidents can all impact your car’s electrical system.

Car battery servicing involves maintenance and replacement. Maintenance includes cleaning terminals, checking connections, and inspecting for damage. Replacement is necessary when the battery can’t hold a charge.

Regular battery maintenance can help extend its lifespan and prevent unexpected breakdowns.  While not every service requires a professional,  a yearly inspection by a qualified mechanic is recommended.

Yes, your car battery requires maintenance for optimal performance and longevity. Regularly clean the terminals to prevent corrosion, ensure charging with longer drives or a charger, avoid extreme temperatures, and turn off electronics when not in use.

Maintain your car battery with these key tips

  • Clean terminals to prevent corrosion 
  • Keep it charged with longer drives or a charger
  • Park in moderate temperatures 
  • Minimize drainage by turning off interior electronics when not in use.

While some simple tasks like replacing fuses are possible, most electrical repairs require specialized knowledge and tools. It’s best to consult a qualified mechanic.

The cost varies depending on the specific problem, parts needed, and labor involved. However, basic repairs can range from $50-$200, while complex issues might cost significantly more.

Corrosion, worn-out components, loose connections, water damage, accidents.

Corrosion on terminals is caused by a chemical reaction between the battery terminals and battery acid fumes. This can lead to poor connections and starting problems.

Yes, corrosion can be cleaned with a baking soda and water solution and a stiff brush. Be sure to wear gloves and eye protection while working on your battery. In some cases, after cleaning severely corroded terminals, the battery itself may need replacement.

Fuses protect electrical circuits from overload. Blown fuses can cause specific components to stop working.

Signs of a failing battery include:

  • Difficulty starting the engine
  • Dim headlights or interior lights
  • Corrosion on the battery terminals
  • A bulging or cracked battery case

If you experience any of these issues, it’s best to have your battery checked by a mechanic to determine if it needs replacement.

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